Aidacare Complex Rehab consultants and engineers provide specialised advice, service and equipment based solutions for our clients. This highly specialised area of Complex Rehab is supported by our expert team of consultants with many years of practical experience and professional training including qualified Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehab Engineers and Field Technicians on the team.

The key assistive equipment focus of our Complex Rehab team includes:

  • Scripted Manual Wheelchairs
  • Scripted Power Wheelchairs
  • Seating & Positioning Products
  • Pressure Management Cushions
  • Paediatric Rehabilitation equipment

Our Complex Rehab philosophy is to assess and recommend the clinically appropriate product solution based on the individual client's needs. We are not limited to a specific range or style, enabling our team to recommend the right option. Aidacare represents the leading industry brands and models sourced from the world's top tier international manufacturers in this field.

Customer Stories

At Aidacare we strive to find solutions that improve lives.  These stories allow our customers to share how we’ve changed theirs. 
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Mick's Story

Mick, a Sydney local, a mechanical engineer and an undeniably vibrant human being sits before me with an incredible story to tell. The tale of his harrowing account of rapid decline in health that led to six amputations over Christmas 2018.

James's Story

In the prime of his youth, while travelling in Africa in 2008, James Gribble, broke his neck after falling off a stool, resulting in quadriplegia. Through his own inspiring personal journey fighting to get back to his passions, he founded Empower Golf.

Molly's Story

Molly can be described like most young women her age, gregarious, charming and an eager student of the world. But there’s one small reminder of her challenges to independence that becomes apparent in her daily life.

Beau's Story

Due to lack of oxygen at birth, Beau has been diagnosed with dystonia and global developmental delay. Beau turned three years old this past April, according to his mum, Tara, “He has come leaps and bounds in the last twelve months since starting physio”

Our People

Steve Barrett
Steve Barrett Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Sydney & Western Regional NSW

Steve is the manager of our NSW Complex Rehab team bringing over 28 years experience and pragmatism to each case.

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Ben Szudrich
Ben Szudrich Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Sydney & North Coast NSW

With over 18 years of clinical experience Ben's mission is to improve the lives of his clients and their carers.

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Ian Sobey
Ian Sobey Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Sydney & South Coast / Southern NSW

Ian has 18 years’ experience in the rehabilitation equipment industry.

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Andy Harborne
Andy Harborne Complex Seating Solutions Melbourne Metro & South

Andy has worked in the UK as a Rehab Engineer. His career spans over 34 years in the Rehabilitation Industry.

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Linh Yeomans
Linh Yeomans Power and Manual Wheelchairs, Seating & Paediatrics Adelaide Metro & Regional SA

Linh is the Manager of the Complex Rehab team in SA and is also a qualified physiotherapist.

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Clive Poulton
Clive Poulton Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Tasmania Nth & Sth

Clive, Tasmanian State Manager brings over 25 years of experience to his Complex Rehab role.

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Chris Lees
Chris Lees Complex Seating & Manual Mobility SE Qld, Sunshine Coast and Nth NSW

Chris is Aidacare’s Queensland Complex Rehab manager. Originally from the UK, Chris offers his clients over 13 years of experience with Assistive Technology.

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Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating SE Qld, Sunshine Coast and Nth NSW

Kevin brings over 18 years of experience in the Assistive Technology industry to his therapist networks, clients and their families.

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Neill Brown
Neill Brown Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Seating Geelong & District

Neill has over 19 years’ experience in the rehabilitation equipment industry.

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Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews Power and Manual Wheelchairs & Paediatrics Albury-Wodonga, Nth East Vic & Sthn NSW

Michael's career spans over 20 years in the Rehabilitation industry. Michael has broad knowledge around both adult & paediatric equipment ranges.

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Featured Brands

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Product Spotlight

Q6 Edge with iLevel

Power wheelchairs provide 360 degrees of movement in a 2-dimensional plane, but we live in a 3-dimensional world. Clinically speaking, power adjustable seat height technology is not only enabling, it is medically necessary for individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs who use power wheelchairs. The iLevel power seat elevation system from Quantum Rehab addresses this medical need by facilitating transfers, enabling reach, promoting eye to eye contact in conversation and ensuring safe navigation at walking speed.

Transferring from a low seat height to standing position requires tremendous assistance for someone who has been diagnosed with Limp-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. But with the seat elevated 10 degrees, it is easier to stand to use the toilet or transfer to a bed independently. A power adjustable seat height allows users who have sustained incomplete spinal cord injuries to raise or lower the seat and perform sliding board transfers in a downhill manner by using gravity to reduce resistance and decrease upper extremity strain.
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Q6 Edge 2.0 / iLevel

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